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New Wallpaper ‘Bianca Dreaming ‘ added

Sometimes when I’m working I just catch myself just staring into nothing.dreaming away….. You can find this in the wallpaper section Love ,

New Bianca Header

I was a bit reluctant but I uploaded a new header today. I’s a Goth-style of Bianca with black hair.it’s a totally different style, a bit out of my comfort…

Bianca now in the portraits section.

Meet Bianca, the newest member in our expanding family. There are two additions to the portrait Gallery.More and bigger ones are in the making.Love ,

Blue &Feeling blue..

What is the difference between being blue and feeling blue? Now in wallpapers and header.Can you spot the difference?

Wallpapers revisited

I realized the wallpaper section doesn’t cover it’s title, so to say.Some images are dated in resolution and some are not even wallpaper worthy today. So I’m trying to revisit…

Rearranging the menu

I’m Rearranging the menu because I’ve got feedback that on some small screens the menu was getting confusing.Having a gallery with galleries and on last position the 4K gallery which…

New Ryanne Kittey header

She’s up, dancing alone with her headphones in the hallway..with her eyes closed she feels like she’s dancing in a rainbow.. Enjoy💕

New Render in the making

I’m currently working on a new render with RyanneHere’s a little preview 😉  

New Header, new Character: Meet Ryanne Kittey

She went on a photoshoot with a friend,got props and stuff and shot this fabulous one,making instant fame.. 💖 Who is she? Meet Ryanne. “She is a feisty one, if…

300 Subscribers!

2020 is very kind for me, visitor and subscriber wise.I can see a higher visitor rate and more visitors subscribe to this website.This morning at 01:37 GMT my subscriber nummer…