• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

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Kaylee is here

sometimes I see someone I talk to online in my mind’s eye, no knowing what he or she looks like I make my own interpretation. She is reluctant but a fighter…

New Wallpaper Amanda

New Iray  Render: Although big enough for a wallpaper it is in the Portrait sections. Click the image to go there. Enjoy

Dara featured in the header

Meet Dara, the next girl on the block 😉 Another Iray Render. Iray renders do take some time to setup and render.. Enjoy

Ryan, featured in the header

Ryan, being such a swell guy, posed for a header image.. More of Ryan soon in the Gallery. Have a great Sunday! Amy  

Another render in the making

Working on another portrait: Clair. A small one for the Gallery, and a bigger version soon. (Iray can take a long time to render, the one above took over 2 hours…

A sight for sore eyes revisited

I’ve found several old renders, some of those were never released because they were personal studies, had weird errors in the final render or did not have the quality I…