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Rearranging the menu


May 15, 2020
New menu order

I’m Rearranging the menu because I’ve got feedback that on some small screens the menu was getting confusing.
Having a gallery with galleries and on last position the 4K gallery which is another gallery of sorts.

So I’m rearranging , still working on this , so you’ll have the main parts of pages under one menu item.
So I can compress the menu to simple key-words like images, portraits, wallpapers etc.

If you have an idea how I could do this better, please do give your feedback.
As always I’m up for ideas to make things better. 💕


A lovable, independent, and most of all, a very happy person, whatever she tells you it comes straight out of her heart. she has become a familiar appearance in several parts of the internet and is loved by many people. She also carries a lot of wisdom, although sometimes struggling with depression, and other issues she always tries to help others in any way she can trying to keep an open mind and being positive towards others. Because she knows what can happen, as part of the wisdom comes from experience, Where she has lots of. "Been there, done that" is a mild way of putting it in a humorous sort of way. Amy is all magical in what she does.. and a little magic goes a long way.. ❤

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