• Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

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New Bianca Header

I was a bit reluctant but I uploaded a new header today. I’s a Goth-style of Bianca with black hair.it’s a totally different style, a bit out of my comfort…

Blue &Feeling blue..

What is the difference between being blue and feeling blue? Now in wallpapers and header.Can you spot the difference?

New Ryanne Kittey header

She’s up, dancing alone with her headphones in the hallway..with her eyes closed she feels like she’s dancing in a rainbow.. Enjoy💕

New Header, new Character: Meet Ryanne Kittey

She went on a photoshoot with a friend,got props and stuff and shot this fabulous one,making instant fame.. 💖 Who is she? Meet Ryanne. “She is a feisty one, if…

More new Headers Made

I’ve finished some more headers that are featured now.First the lady in red.. ‘My Irish star’ Version 2 is a revisited render, a slightly altered angle.My irish star was based…

New Computer and new header

One of the reasons I’m so quiet is that my render computer broke down. (It kept crashing whatever I tried) Lukaly my son helped me so now I have a…

Emily now in the header

I’ve succeeded to do a close up Iray render of Emily , without crashing the Iray render engine this time 😅 For the scrutinisers among you, ( I know you…

Nyao header finished..

Nyao header And it took some time to finish… ? So what you think, is she worth it ?

New header images

Hey everyone, I’ve added  2 new images to the header. I do hope you like them,  both are Iray renders taken about 2 to 3 hours of render time. While…

Dara featured in the header

Meet Dara, the next girl on the block 😉 Another Iray Render. Iray renders do take some time to setup and render.. Enjoy