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Do we have a man around the house?

Yes we have; Jessica and Vanessa have a brother!! Meet Ryan He’s trying to look like a tough guy.. but in fact he’s just a swell guy  

Vanessa has a little sister!

Say ‘Hi’ to… Jessica Vanessa’s Little sister.. not perfect yet, but getting there 😉

Vanessa full view Glamour pose added

I just uploaded a full view (head to toe) view of Vanessa in her new outfit. I just love how the stockings came out  Go find here in the portrait…

Vanessa Glamour pose

OK, I’ll admit.. I haven’t had this much fun with a character for a long time. For some reason Vanessa is fun to work with. I’ve got her almost tweaked…

Vanessa -v2

Just a little update, Iray renders take time and tweaking to get them absolutely right. But happy to say, although I’m not completely happy, still feel lighting is off a…


We have a new member in our Family Say Hi to…. Vanessa    You can find her in the Portrait section, or just click the picture.

2 years today.. remembering my mother

2 years ago, I was suddenly an orphan. My dear mother left this world to go on, over the rainbow. I still miss her dearly. thinking of you, every day …

The Valinthia fanart pages are missing

I see a lot or request for the Valinthia fan art pages.. Only to realize I haven’t converted them to the new system yet.. So that will be something I will…

Sometimes you see an angel at a busstop

Newest and first Wallpaper on the new style website ‘Angel at the bus stop’ also in the header 😉