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Vacation time woohoo!

So What’s happened in the last weeks? Well.. vacation, of course.. haha..had some time to make some renders.. some more complicated that others.And put up some freebies again, after a…

Another Nyao render and a render mishap..

Mind you, this is the first of the Nyao renders I redid because of the bracelet that wasn’t rendering.. for some reason it lost its color.. ?That’s a render error…

A mouse!

I just wondered what would happen if Nyao saw a mouse wearing her catsuit.. – lol Probably something like this? -haha !! Another almost 2 hours of rendering, totally worth…

Here’s Nyao!

Sometimes it’s worth the wait to get an Iray render done, to get it completely the full 100% .. because well.. here’s a sight for sore eyes.. 🙂 I’ll get…

And some more..

All Iray renders, made after a description for mascots .. Yea, I’ve been busy.. 😉

Happy Easter Everybody!!

Happy Easter Been working on several things this easter.... Some new, some are revistred...

Astra is here

A new Iray render ..one that surprised me actually.. Because it came out brilliant, with a real look… We still have to work on the Gallery so click the image…

Say ‘Hi’ To Annabelle

Annabelle is the newest member of my growing family..  feisty girl, who knows what’s going onnd knows whats she is doing. She s not someone to play with, although playful she…

Another concept

Another concept I’m working on..so what do you think?Is this good enough to be a wallpaper?

Victoria is here

New Iray render Victoria’ The latest Render I made didn’t  complete without some technical issues.but I managed to do it without  having to use Photoshop to iron out the render…