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Month: August 2019

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Emily now in the header

I’ve succeeded to do a close up Iray render of Emily , without crashing the Iray render engine this time 😅 For the scrutinisers among you, ( I know you…

Updating Galleries

We are busy updating the Galleries and portrait sections to a new version.so the’re about to be some changes in these sections… All for the good of course 😅 Mind…

Vacation time woohoo!

So What’s happened in the last weeks? Well.. vacation, of course.. haha..had some time to make some renders.. some more complicated that others.And put up some freebies again, after a…

Ambulance freebies available for download again

As we have rebuild this website several times in the last years we’ve lost some content available online. No worries it’s not gone forever just it’s just that the page…