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And we are back


May 20, 2020

I’m sorry for being unreachable for today.
but we are back after an 8 hour disruption of service.

What Happened?
Well at first your guess what as good as mine.
A faulty modem was suspected but then they found the fibre optics was dead for some reason, a suspected the fibre converter to malfunction.
The real problem was that for some reason our Fibre optics got unplugged for some reason in the distribution center and never got plugged back in.
It took some tech guys 8 hours to find this anomaly, all system were checked but nobody believed it was unplugged, only with manual checking they’ve found it was indeed.. unplugged.. 😓

So now we’re back again.. missed me? 😘💕

Oh,, a possible disruption is possible for tomorrow about 12:00 hrs. GMT.
The modem is getting replaced since it’s not functioning correctly, still a probable cause of some other outages we had recently.
but, not a big as today’s disruption.😉

Oh ad another thing..
As of today 405 subscribers.. 😮 wow..

Love you guys 🥰😍😋


A lovable, independent, and most of all, a very happy person, whatever she tells you it comes straight out of her heart. she has become a familiar appearance in several parts of the internet and is loved by many people. She also carries a lot of wisdom, although sometimes struggling with depression, and other issues she always tries to help others in any way she can trying to keep an open mind and being positive towards others. Because she knows what can happen, as part of the wisdom comes from experience, Where she has lots of. "Been there, done that" is a mild way of putting it in a humorous sort of way. Amy is all magical in what she does.. and a little magic goes a long way.. ❤

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