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Just wondering..


Mar 5, 2018

it’s me.

Yes.. I’m still here, still on the mend slowly recovering….
Yea, I know last year wasn’t very nice to me.
Emergency surgery Isn’t what I expected, but in the end it did was a lifesaver..


so yea.. after some time of trying and trying.. I managed to complete one image..
this one..
because frankly yea.. I’m still wondering.. what did happen and most of all Why did it happen at that moment?

no “why me?”, because that would be a question most will ask, therefore I won’t….

no, presumably it could happen any day, any time..   so why did it happen just 5 km from the best hospital around that specialises in Heart-attacks?
An angel on my shoulder? Fate? Pure Luck, coincidence?  What was it..


I’ve could have died, then and there.. But I didn’t I’m still here..
Memory problems due to the anesthetics,  missing weeks from my memory, weeks I just do not remember..
weeks i did nore store.. or maybe I did but it got encrypted and i do not know the key..

so this is my current mood..



No worries though, I’m doing well..

just sometimes I just miss myself and wonder if everything is going to be okay..

I know it will in the end, but just not now..
sometimes I just miss myself actually..




A lovable, independent, and most of all, a very happy person, whatever she tells you it comes straight out of her heart. she has become a familiar appearance in several parts of the internet and is loved by many people. She also carries a lot of wisdom, although sometimes struggling with depression, and other issues she always tries to help others in any way she can trying to keep an open mind and being positive towards others. Because she knows what can happen, as part of the wisdom comes from experience, Where she has lots of. "Been there, done that" is a mild way of putting it in a humorous sort of way. Amy is all magical in what she does.. and a little magic goes a long way.. ❤

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